Bologna Resource Center

The developments in European higher education policy in recent decades, with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the Bologna Process in particular, have set the stage for exploring European integration studies from a further social perspective- that of higher education policy and practice. Moreover, the arena of Higher Education (HE) is increasingly characterized by regionalization trends, with Europe presenting the most developed example.

This Bologna Resource Centers (BRC) was founded to study and research European Higher Education, within and outside Europe. It was set up in the framework of the project “NEAR-EU” and creates a nexus among the project members. Thus, the BRCs of NEAR-EU will evolve into a network of prominent academic units in the field of European Studies in EU and non-European countries (Israel, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore) to further deepen the academic discourse on European HE policy and the EHEA. Capitalizing on their venues within National Jean Monnet Centers and leading European and international affairs research centers, the BRCs will be in a position to catalyze interest in European higher education policies and research, attracting academics and graduate students to the arena.